Monday, April 19, 2010

April 18, 2010 - Night Before Scott's Birthday

Scott has no recollection of Saturday night. Woke up Sunday with Mancala pieces in his pocket.

Scott text from last night:

(314): Chris if you play. Mancala ill lillyyo

Scott quotes from last night:

"The devil wears prada. She wears prada. Cass is wearing prada."

"I'm finding the first cat picture and whatever it says, I'm doing."

"Padraig Harrington, what's up."

"Pupil. That pupil is pupil."


(Answering his phone):

(on the phone):
"Is this one of those free bets to get a case? Cuz if not, squirtle."

"Chucky huckles. I'm waiting for chuckles huckles."

"I swear to God you fuckin suck on me tits."

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