Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 17, 2011 - St. Patrick's Day

No amazing follow up post to last year's St. Pat's post. Only a few quotes. Scott did pass out well before noon back in Campus South though. Reportedly around 9am. Thomas knew that Scott was home then because Scott's backpack was in the refrigerator.

Scott Quotes From Last Night:

"Look at that amount of ranch! Wooooow.."

Scott was rapping all the way down Kiefaber..
"I'm drinkin' a beer. I ain't no queer."

"There's a hole in the ground. I wonder if it makes a sound."

"It kinda looks like an escalade. I wish I had a little bit of marmalade."

I forget the rest of the quotes. Sorry.

March 28, 2011 - Derby Days

This morning, Scott woke up and asked, "Chris, what happened last night?"

Last night, when Scott was going home, he went to Bdubs because he realized he had money left on Flyer Express. He stole the discount coupons that Bdubs gives out when customers make donations to Children's Miracle Network. Scott didn't make a donation.

Scott Quotes From Last Night:

"By the way, no way you could jump out this window. You would for sure die."

"I'm kinda drunk."

"I told myself that by getting drunk tonight I would be more philosophical during my test tomorrow."

"It's so... so... Fuck you. I struggled."

"El nombre de Scott."

"Mi nombre es Scott."

"I ix nay my three-nay and accept my seven."

"Arugula. Beer."


"Eric Bon Detten is a sexy man."

"Fuzzy Zoeller."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In honor of the anniversary of the creation of this blog...

Scott From Last Night now has Twitter!


Name: Scott Lastnight

The Twitter account will be updated periodically, either for a late night Tweet from Scott himself or an update of the blog. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 11, 2011 - Sigma Chi Parents' Weekend

There was an open bar at the EX house last night. Scott told me the bartender must think he is an alcoholic for how many times he went to the bar.

Scott Quotes From Last Night:

"Lose some weight you fat ass. Tom needs to lose some weight. Gain some muscle. Maybe if you gained some muscle you wouldn't get your ass kicked."

"Hi, this is Mrs. Whore how may I help you?"

"She's laughing because of how many dicks she has in her mouth talking to you."

"Come sleep here. We'll party tomorrow this morning."

"God I'm so fuckin cool."

"No one judge me! Cuz this is legitimately gay. ...Alright fine. You don't know."

"I was pissed. I mean I was done pissin."

"With all three of my eyes I saw all three of his testicles."