Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 15, 2010 - Wednesday

Scott Texts From Last Night:
a conversation I had with Scott..

(314): Courtney love knows how kurt died
(1-314): Umm... cobain?
(314): Coby yes
(1-314): Is this breaking news?
(314): Its my breaking news chris. I know she knows. She is a bitch.
(1-314): Hahaha what are you doing
(314): Eating pizza. Thats italian ya. Fasting pizza. Love you

(314): Im a fighter chris i will live off the land if i want. Stats 9 suck me. Not going bitch.

(314): Some ppl ask me scott why did you quit the army. As if they do not know. I look them and sby boys, girls i love way close to ucity. I live war every day bitches. I have been a foot soldier for years. You want to meet a general come meet up with me. 5 stars? Got em. You got questions you gotta pay for an answer ya bitck. You ask too many you wont be able to ask another question. Me and the u army will take you down. We read bible code.

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