Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011 - Thursday Night

Scott just came home carrying a case of Natty... he had draped his jacket over it and just walked into Campus south carrying it by the handle. After he struggled to put the beer in the fridge (don't worry there are videos) Scott passed out on the floor. Less than a foot from his bed.

Scott Quotes From Last Night:

"The daddy brings the beer!"

"A squishy squish, a squishy squash squash."

"I don't want this."
(Biting off his bar wristband)

Me: "Scott where'd you get the beer?"
Scott: "Mine."
Me: "It's not my fault if you puke in your bed again."
Scott: "Smoka."

Then he went to bed on the floor cuddling the empty Natty case.

Then got up later.

Me: "Scott are you ok?"
Scott: "Dedonde."
Me: "You alright?"
Scott: "Aqi."

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